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One Thing A Day” produced by Egill Bjarki, part of the series “The Human Experience”

“The Human Experience is a web based series, focusing on the complexity of the human condition. What is important to us, how we reach other people. Where we find success and how we deal with failure. Stripped down, simplified, down to the core, we attempt to tap into the human spirit.”

Months after my bone marrow transplant, I was flooded with excitement of feeling energy return to my “new body”. The struggle was real though, as my soul seemed to recover way quicker than the matter we call our bodies.  The video will help you understand a lil why some folks, me included, have suicidal thoughts when things FELT really rough… but also, why we’re still here. 

Allow me to expand.

With every session I got carried away and went “hard” on, about a minimum of a week was required to recover. The tug of war in regaining whatever control I can remains until today.

Has there been a difference?

Why, yes. I don’t feel as addicted to control.

I had learned that control is an illusion, and that acceptance propels me forward on the path of healing.

While it may seem odd to put addiction, control, illness and a pandemic in the same setting, I see a clear link that many of us are addicted, in relevant context – the gym, whichever discipline your center hosts.

Have you started to question your priorities? Your life’s mission? Your purpose? Why you deem your boredom as displeasure? Why reflecting seems scary? Why change seems daunting? Do you truly want things to go back to the way they were? Are you even the least bit curious or excited about learning what you’re really made of?

These questions are the reason why I love living. 

Not surviving, but LIVING.

The little things that make you feel in love with life, do more of those. 

Just one thing a day 💓

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I've been told that I'm tiny but tough, so I must have gotten SOME things right. On the inside, I feel like a mushy marshmellow who's a hopeless romantic and find corny cute. Writing "About Me" sections had evolved in the past x years of online profiles, currently, it sits at me still hungry for enlightening experiences and insightful traveling, particularly with human connections. My story at full length on the "About" page :) Thank you for poking around!

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