F*** the Movement Rules

emily lola tan prudential malaysia

You know how we sometimes feel paralysed by the surmount of unpleasant chatter between our ears?  The state where visualising a way out of that tunnel seems daunting, hopeless, filled with self-doubt?

The cocktail of music and movement has been my red pill (Matrix movie reference).  The need to unplug from the Matrix of self-imposed disappointments supersedes the appeal of remaining in the comfort of anxiety.  

Struggles come in various shapes and forms for us all.  While comparing unfortunate events with others is not served as an invalidation of our challenges, the perspective gain can certainly help us reframe our situations.  

Emily with a Prudential Campaign

My movement choices reflect some of my mental struggles.  Like how Brazilian jiu-jitsu develops critical thinking ability, how pole practice deepens self-love, how movement stirs up curiosity for experiments and how dance expresses without words.

Because sometimes, I just don’t have the words to describe where I am in the quantum world.  The right music, dance and mindset become a conduit for co-existing words like fear and gratitude to be sensed in movement.

Now, is there a “program” to follow? A “choreography” to memorize? While I love me a good program and a juicy dance choreography, it is paramount to train our creativity within our practice.

When it’s YOUR practice, who says you gotta follow “the rules”?

The rules of pointed feet
The rules of poised hands
The rules of looking sexy
The rules of attire
The rules of fierce music
The rules of dancing for your man/woman/sex robot
The rules of fixed sequence
The rules of intentional steps
The rules of maintaining balance
The rules of expected aesthetics

I got one life, in fact, I got another chance.
And time abundance can be deceiving

When it comes to a movement practice that is nourishing for your soul, f*** the rules

Especially if the rules make you feel:

– restricted from being self conscious
– chained from expectations
– undeserving from people pleasing
– guarded unnecessarily from lack of self acceptance
– frozen from fear of failure

Hang on, am I talking about about pole,
Or am I talking about life?

You can watch someone from the surface
Or you can search for understanding

Ultimately, how we choose to experience the moment now, is what we have to reminisce on later