emily lola tan by daniel rosenthal photography


“Recently, she completed her first live talk recounting her experience as a
cancer survivor at an event hosted by Joint Dynamics, a physiotherapy clinic in Hong Kong. She has also made guest appearances on Pacific Muscle Chats and Hong Kong Confidential to share her experiences in mental and sexual health as well as dealing with cancer, and has been featured in articles by South China Morning Post and Liv
She has big plans in the pipeline for an interview-style podcast series, speaking to people from different walks of life about the topic of resilience…”

FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://hivelife.com/emily-lola-tan/


Photography credits:

1st photo: Daniel Rosenthal

Website: http://www.danielrosenthalnyc.com/

2nd photo: Kenneth Kao

Website: http://www.poleninjaphotography.com/

3rd photo: Cherry Li

Website: http://www.cherryfoodphoto.com

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