Face-Mask Ban Impediment

Today, Hong Kong announced they are officially banning face-mask wearing at protests and in public, effective from 5th of October, 2019.

News reported that we won’t be prosecuted if we’re wearing masks for health reasons, however, mask-wearing will now be seen as defying the law, more than ever. Even if we ain’t harassed by the police to remove our masks when ordered, we still face increased tension and potential harm from civilians who associate mask-wearing with anti-government interests. I already had a man confront me about my mask and black T-shirt (for cancer awareness) while waiting in the post office queue in Happy Valley, one of the more peaceful neighbourhoods on HK island. In Spain, I’m constantly being stared at, glared at with weary eyes, that’s only because majority of the public are not aware.

With international news like this causing more people to speculate, I’m quite tempted to make t-shirts stating the reason why immune-compromised people like me NEED a mask for our protection.

  • Protection against people who have the flu but still out spreading their viruses to the public
  • Protection against those who carry contagious bacteria but don’t know they do
  • Protection against disease-causing air pollutants because, you know, we’re all tryna make a buck and climate change ain’t a priority for most.

Cancer patients fight hard to live…

to not die from chemo… before dying from cancer..

The thought that our progress, our lives, be jeopardized because governments can’t figure out humane ways of dealing with citizens needs…? It is unfortunate BUT we as the people are better than institutionalization.

So, I ask that during these times, we allow opportunities to develop compassion for each other, respond instead of react. Talk about it with your peers, your neighbours, even when provoked by strangers.

For me, I will practice not being defensive while maintaining vigilance.

I fought too hard to let a cough kill me.

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