My First Talk As a Cancer Fighter

Firstly, I was nervous about this 🙊

My experience in presenting is on fitness content but when I sat down to outline this talk, self-doubt crept in. I wondered how I could bring value when I’m just talking about myself. So, I procrastinated and didn’t work on my powerpoint slides until a few hours before the talk (classic) 🤷‍♀️

To deal with my nerves, I went for BJJ at Hybrid MMA and a dance class with Bobo Selby at Studiodanz earlier that day.

In the midst of sweating and last minute preparation, I forgot to eat, which is oddly when my mind feels the sharpest and the most focused. Similarly to when I practiced prolonged fasting, which I mention in this talk.

The event is part of “Inside Scoop”, an informative and educational series of talks pertaining to health and fitness of all scopes, hosted by Joint Dynamics in Hong Kong.

At this particular event, other speakers were Geoffrey Bland and Miles Price.

Geoff is an Exercise Physiologist based at Joint Dynamics who also specializes in Chronic Disease Management. He has been instrumental in my recovery process with training. His topic at this event was on Anti-Fragility training.

Miles is a Functional Medicine practitioner based at Life Clinic Hong Kong, whom helped me with all of my questions about nutrition, toxin management and testing. His topic at this event was on epigenetics.

Thanks to Vee, I have a recording of this talk, as well as lucky draw prizes from Aerial Arts Academy and TRYBE, both important communities throughout my recovery.

What was supposed to be a 20-25 minute talk turned into about 40 minutes… and there I was wondering how I was gonna talk about myself for 20 minutes 🤦‍♀️ So, heads up on the switch of video and audio quality!

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