PMC Podcast Show Notes

Mitch and I chatted for almost 2 hours on his podcast!

Understandably, that’s a LOT to get through listening to.  So here are show notes I’ve done to help.

A good practice for my podcast project šŸ™‚

Podcast episode on Pacific Muscle Chats HERE   or links below:



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Show notes

2:10   Background.  Upbringing in Malaysia and America

14:30  Dubai

26:30  Spain and being homeless

29:54  Starting martial arts

31:00  Signs and diagnosis of Leukaemia

38:45  Chemotherapy process and side effects

45:40  Mental state

54:50  Suicide

1:08:14  Driven towards projects with youth mental health

1:09:05  Tinder and connecting with people

1:12:51  Starting in the fitness industry and Jackie Chan

1:19:00  Starting in the pole dancing industry and competing

1:21:55  Moving to Hong Kong.  Starting in the fitness education sector

1:25:11  Development of skills and interests.  CrossFit

1:27:45  Injuries

1:30:23  Starting physique training

1:34:45  Fasting.  Nutrition.  ICU.  Gut health

1:38:55  Health status.  Bone Marrow Transplant.  Leukaemia status.

1:46:10  Cancer research.  Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society.  Tap Cancer Out

1:47:04  Humanity.  Gratitude.

1:50:00  Closing


My Fighting-Cancer-Fund Aid.  Thank you for supporting me and my quest to live on.

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