Does Being Young Mean Cancer Won’t Get You

“You’re young! You’ll be fine”

Dude, I FEEL fine.  I FEEL strong.




But I could parrot that all day and I still can’t stop the thoughts of “what the fuck if…”

I’m left with 2 choices: drown in those thoughts…

OR channel that shit and do something useful.  Hence the videos and incessant posts on it.

Cancer was something I hardly read up on prior to the diagnosis.  It’s one of those things where you don’t think you’d get but you still eat well and move well, with blinding faith that those are sufficient prevention.  Naturally, that explains why upon hearing I had Leukaemia whilst in the ER, I showed little surprise. I didn’t know what Leukaemia was.  The surprise crept in and morphed into a gentle giant shock when I googled it.  ThanksNoThanks Google.

SO, I’ve compiled a few misconceptions from my own as well as from comments/questions via social media.

“Only kids get it”

“It’s cureable”

“What is it, cancer?”

“You’re still young, it won’t kill you”

In this video, I also share about young adults from around the world and a 2-year old who has been diagnosed with the same type of Leukaemia – Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  It also includes a little on bone marrow transplant.

The second video is about bone marrow donor matching and procedure in Mandarin.

Please watch and share if you find it useful.


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