How to Feel Fit Again After Summer Break


Who doesn’t love a little hiatus from a hectic Hong Kong city life from time to time?

Of course, everything has its price.  It is unfortunate that we can’t leave those extra calories behind along with those Summer beaches – so the reality, we shall face.


Look at it this way, we go on a break to reset our state of mind and wellbeing, that includes taking a break from the strict schedules and rules you set in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Hitting a RESET button have its benefits too, where some come back with duty-free size motivation and drive to get cracking again.  If you’re new to resetting, here are some tips to help.


I don’t mean that literally where you physically follow them in person (important disclaimer!).  If you don’t already have a list of ‘fitness influencers’ you follow on social media, find one.  There are different types of fitness influencers – some who inspire others through their passion and profession as coaches, some who inspire through posting workouts and exercises, some who post selfies because they are proud of their fit journey end up inspiring others, some who write, some are celebrities who share their training and many more.  Each of us are driven differently so motivating factors will differ too – that’s OK, we don’t ALL have to be fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Empower yourself with knowledge, learn from credible resources, change your digital wallpaper, listen to educators’ podcasts – do whatever it takes to get you off your behind and back on that vitality track.




Chances are, you indulged in food and drinks that you normally keep out of your daily nutritional choices.  Foods containing wheat, eggs, dairy and sugar are some of the common ingredients that cause bloating, gas, indigestion and sinus related discomfort.  Other effects also include poor concentration (brain fog), tiredness, and a splash of the lazy kool-aid.  These substances in the body do not disappear overnight and the best you can do to supplement a successful comeback is to drink lots of water.  How much? It really depends on the individuals needs, there is the good ol’ guideline of 8 glasses of water a day plus you may monitor the color of your urine for signs of dehydration.



Pulling yourself out of that lazy state is difficult – we know.  While you’re being lazy, there’s a 90% chance you are consuming social media content.  Let’s put that into some better use now, shall we?  Participating in viral active challenges through social media may be used as a tool for accountability.  Besides, there is something refreshing about a new task, goal or challenge that serves some crispy motivation.  Recently, we picked up the #22pushupchallenge on our radar.  See the campaign’s website HERE for the challenge details.



Be careful about that voice in your head, beating yourself about eating what you ate and not hitting the gym on holiday. What happened, has happened.  Move on, don’t look back, that guilt trip is one big no-no for a #throwback.  Reinforce thoughts that will set the mood for the day, heck, say them out loud to yourself in the mirror if you aren’t easily irked out.  You can commit to something as simple as getting 10 minutes of head space right when you wake up to surrounding yourself with people who support your healthy lifestyle goals.  If you haven’t thought about training your mind before, TRY IT.




Allow the body to adapt again, especially if your summer break was particularly longer than the average one week holiday.  If you are a true traveller, that might mean Summer breaks(plural), which is a lot more time away from the same fitness level where you left off.  Have trouble drawing the line of taking-it-easy and go-hard-or-go-home ?  MAKE A PLAN, and stick to it.  Don’t know how? Get help from a personal trainer or a coach.  We are in this bizarre fitness world because we want to help people while maintaining an active lifestyle.  Finding that balance doesn’t come easy, so we tend to plan A LOT.  Being so personally held accountable for doesn’t suit you?  Do the next best thing and join a small group training class, starting at the very beginners level.  You’re taking it easy, remember?

Here are some cool classes listed by Lifestyle Asia.

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