Anyone who has ever trained pole before would know what I am referring to.

That whiplash memory of the inner thighs sparkling with electrifying pinches of burning sensation…

It has been WELL OVER a year and a half (might be even two…SHAME) since I have done any pole training for myself.  Most people don’t get it though, since they think I train when I teach.

“Don’t you workout when you teach?”

– The answer is NO, leading and training require two different type of mental prep. Simple as that.

So here it is, my end to a ridiculous procrastination of training myself by putting myself out there.

Finding myself again through pole doesn’t come easy, it had been a long time of passion battling confidence, especially since a lower back injury has been haunting me for over a year now.

Oddly enough, I feel less obligated to make pole very fitness focused in Hong Kong compared to Malaysia and I’m quite pleased to explore and express moves sensually.

…perhaps not THAT odd…this IS Hong Kong…

Vlog Returns


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