Day 4 of Metabolic Detox

This was the benchmark of being half way there!  Day 4 actually felt pretty good, even had this CRAZY random moment where I thought I could do veggie only days a few times a week once I am off this detox.

The usual morning where I woke before my alarm went off, followed by some morning chug of green shake with cucumbers, celery, kailan and water.


Rotated my veggies today so completely loaded with chinese spinach throughout day.  Sleepy spells as usual during the afternoon around 12ish and again on the bus ride to Coastal Fitness (CFPT).  I gotta say those cucumber and celery sticks definitely help me get through the afternoon sleepy time, perhaps it is the massive crunch when you eat them that helps, like chewing peppermint gum.


Since spreading out my veggie meals and shakes more I get less hunger pangs and was even not really hungry 3 hours out from my evening session at CFPT.  Got a shake in anyway, just in case… *kiasu*

Overall by today, I was in routine mode.  The meal prepping definitely helps, takes the guess work out the next day when you’re probably stressed out at work and at the mercy of your willpower to not storm down to Starbucks for a sausage roll.


If there’s anything I am not so fond of right now, is the mornings when I get up and feel utterly SORE.  Though I may easily accuse the detox as culprit, I honestly think it is just because I had great timing and started this on the first week of CFPT’s next phase of training.



Now a little throwback on hiphop music with jazzed up dancing


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