Day 1 of Metabolic Detox

The word “detox” is probably one of the words my fellow Malaysian’s dislike most…because that means not eating GOOD (like, REALLY GOOD) Malaysian food – which might mean the end of the world to some.

I was apprehensive about doing another detox since my 3 day cleanse of water, coconut water and green tea.  I felt very low in energy, too tired to even have mood swings, taught TRX class at Flex on the fast anyway which felt completely fine but the drop from that adrenaline was huge.  The last day was the worst for me and sadly the fourth day coming out of the fast, I was not careful enough with food choices.  Needless to say that the results of improving gut health from that 3 days was not optimal.

When I first read Coastal Fitness’s blogpost about Metabolic Detox…for SEVEN days, I had no desire to even try…I barely made it for 3 days!

So what changed my mind? – Receiving more information (and lots of encouragement) on why I should do it.

Gaining body composition change has always been a battle for me despite ticking off the to-do boxes here and there (I never stuck to one method long enough either…tsk tsk).  After a few talks on nutrition with Ed, I decided it’s either I do it or I continue to agonize about my lack of result.

We set a time on when to start, which was originally next week after a Friday night out with the girls but by Saturday I decided I shouldn’t put this off just because of one night out.  Who needs to drink and eat to have fun anyway! I can still twerk it with a Bonaqua in my hand!

Yesterday kind of turned out perfect for a day 1 of detox.  After a tiring Saturday of Heels dance class at Studiodanz and Modified Strongman Training session, I was fried.  Although having felt like my legs needed some reviving (damn prowlers….seriously….damn), I needed a night out…it’s been too long!!! *NOTE: Vicki and Julie!!! So out I went, danced until my feet hurt and then it was Sunday.

Energy levels were definitely lower and by 4 in the afternoon I was starving when I got it to CFPT.  Ed talked me through the meal intervals, types of veggies selection, reasons for the supplementation and timing of taking them plus sharing how this detox would affect everybody differently.  You may read the full post on Blog for what this detox is like.  I personally feel it is going to be like being a plain boring vegetarian for 7 days.  Had my first rice protein shake of the day with greens (which took me like 15minutes to set up, ummm motor skills sharp much?). Stocked up on YOR Health supplements Ed recommended and got my Glutamine from BC Nutrition too (left out my BCAAs in this photo).  

Emily Tan Supplements 2013

Did my veggie shopping and prepped them for days of easy heating while I feast on my dinner of green & yellow peppers with green beans and Kailan, followed by my last rice shake with greens no less than 3 hours before bed.

Day 1 of Detox down, let’s see what Day 2 is like!


Now that I think about it, I wore my heels longer on Saturday morning and night combined, than I probably had in the last few months!  After weeks of Crossfit training, it was a nice change to don them heels.  Saturday’s dance class with Milton Lopes was major girly fun!  I wonder if I can rope in some CFPT girls with me next time… 😉

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