Hitting A Wall

I didn’t mean that literally…but it sure as hell felt like it.

Since my absence in KL for a few months now, my so called exercise routine had been non-existent.  Fitting in a 20minute here and there at the studio, doing a few classes through the months and riding on different gym trials is all coming to a point where I feel ridiculous about my current fitness level and physique.  Not to mention having to deal with silly situations resulted from a ridiculous ego trip, and having the reality of that person’s true colors slapping you in the face.  All in all, the mind, the body and the spirit were at a very low and discouraged point.

Slowly but surely, with one familiar session at a time, I am feeling that surge of energy coming back.  Not just the type of energy that enables you to get through a Zumba class but the type of energy that makes you WANT to head outside and find out just how you can defeat your challenge today.  That same energy I found when I first started pole in late 2007, where every session either practice, learning or teaching, was about conquering challenges, be it small or big.

So holding on to this energy and knowing for a fact that I NEED a drastic change in my training approach, I have decided on – CrossFit.

A lot of the people I know are definitely thinking this would be a piece of cake for me, just because I enjoy going for Muay Thai training on my holidays in Thailand and think I am a super girl.  I am truly flattered to be given more credit that I deserve so trust me when I tell you this – I am scared.

…but I will do it…

…and tell you why I am scared next post.



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