Body Blaze on NowTV Hong Kong

I didn’t realize the reruns were still going on here in Hong Kong until Janet told me last night – COOLIO!! (what happens when you don’t have cable at home…rely on other people’s news and updates  -_- )

Emily Tan Body Blaze Get Fired Up Poster

So if you’re in HK and you have NowTV cable service, tune into channel 516 Life Inspired HD on Mondays and Thursdays 6:30am ! Reruns of the same episode happens the next few days in the afternoon.

Emily Tan On Set Body Blaze Rip Intervals

My show runs early in the morning alongside with Jillian Michaels, The Firm and MyWorkout so ya’ll can get a full on 2hour Blaaaazzzin’ workout right in your living room if you keep tunin’ in! TV guide link HERE

BodyBlaze on nowTV

Remember, you don’t HAVE to use the same exercise tools I use on the show but IF you insist…I can tell you where to get your TRX Rip Trainer in Hong Kong 😉

For my Malaysian and Singaporean friends, check out Life Inspired’s TV Guide HERE

Emily Tan Life Inspired TV


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