Moving again with Capoeira

In the past three months, I have been dealing with a series of injuries which are pretty odd to me in how they occurred…all but one which was definitely the Kamikaze on Pole over new year break.  The most bizarre one (to me) was the lower back injury about 2 weeks ago, which has now subsided to a minor nag.  Conclusion – HAPPY but still worried…worried about how it happened and if it will come back to taunt me.  Anyway, needless to say that trying to do Capoeira during that injury was a far fetched goal.  Seriously, telling myself to not do ANYTHING during a 2 week healing break was more difficult than learning Swedish.  So finally when my back gave a semi-green light, off I go back for class past Monday and maaaaan it felt good to really get moving and sweating!  Sure I felt like a big chunky immobile elephant and had to bear Zen the instructor’s you-look-stupid stares (…JK he doesn’t really do that….much)  I got the opportunity to check out the kids Capoeira class too the day after and it was SOOOOO CUTE seeing the younger kids!  Can’t wait to get my video out for that!

For those in Hong Kong who aren’t quite sure what Capoeira is and how kids may enjoy it, here’s a little snippet from the Flex Studio blog where the kids class happened.

Excerpt from FLEX STUDIO


Firstly, what IS Capoeira?

Capoeira in a nutshell, is a Brazilian martial art created by African slaves and natives in Brazil as a means of self-defense over 500 years ago. It combines the elements of self-defense, acrobatics, and live music into a vigorous game of ritualized combat.

How does Capoeira differ from other martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, or Kung Fu?

I am going to answer that with another question. What is a martial art? Martial arts simply are a system of combat with an applied philosophy to life. So a martial art is more than just punching someone in the face.

Capoeira, is MORE than just a martial art then. A friend of mine, and also a great capoeirista remarked how a capoeirista ( a capoeira practitioner), must know how to fight, how to play the game, how to sing, how to be a musician, they must be an actor, a poet… we went on discussing capoeira from there.

So how do children benefit from learning capoeira?


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