Body Blaze: Behind the Scenes

It’s about time for some more behind the scenes shots from Body Blaze on Li,Life Inspired TV! 🙂

The shot above was posted on Li,Life Inspired’s Twitter account.





We shot a few episodes in Terrenganu, little did I know there were such beautiful beaches there and they are absolutely deserted!




The usual for me throughout was a 3am start to the day. THANK GOD for professionals make up and hair stylists ’cause it would be major failure for me to attempt that kinda work at that hour

I didn’t get much (just about ANY) chances to take photos throughout the days, was too focused on NOT SWEATING buckets!!! Adam and Ikuyo had some time to explore with my camera so some of these shots are by them, taken on my Nikon D5100


Don’t be fooled, they may get to shoot in the shade but the weather was so brutally HOT that they got burnt too! The sites by this beach was the best though as it had the best breeze, giving us a break while we BLAZE under the sun shooting *haha.pun.bleh*

Group shot of us by Day 3 or 4, looking all TANNNNNNNNED

Creepies on my laptop taking creepy photos during downtime (aka RAIN time)

My two companions throughout the ordeal
What a sweetheart, this Peni is. Poor thing got sunburnt too despite having an umbrella most of the time, probably the many rounds of helping us hydrate ourselves, shielding us with umbrellas and applying sunblock/Aloe Vera gel on us. Thanks again Peni!

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