Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime

Organized by Sam Ames and Ben Turner

So the four of us – Sam, Shan, Vee and myself, were invited to perform at this Fund Raiser for Cancer Research UK.  Of course we said yes, any time we have an opportunity to help a great cause, we’re there – not to mention Ben who runs Taylor’s Retreat Pole Studio is a friendly of Viva Vertical 😉

We were lucky to have BEAUTIFUL weather that day and couldn’t have asked for a better day of meeting lots of pole junkies, pole celebrities like Anastasia Skukhtorova, Jo Tay, Ian Matthews as well as dancers and parkour king Timothy Shieff.

Shan and Samantha

Anastasia and Vee
Checkin out some ponies
Ninja-ed some playtime on the Anti-Gravity Yoga set up
Kids ninja-ed their playtime on the trapeze
Vee and I with our signature Face-Planking : part of a Face-Planking series
How Parkour King Timothy Shieff kills an itch on a pole – like a bear?
Officially owning something from Mika Wear
Vee and Samantha

We stayed on the property that night, many thanks to the generous hospitality of Ben.  It was such a sweet environment to be in, that I even took the opportunity to do some sprints and training in the morning!














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