I had the pleasure of visiting France for the second time though instead of Paris which is pretty predictable, I landed at Marseille airport.  Stayed in Miramas throughout the few days and had such a lovely time experiencing a different side of the French doings.  Unlike Paris, peeps were warmer, despite majority not speaking english fluently, I had a great time interacting and trying out some French speaking.

The way French stock up on their wine.

Boss Lady of the vineyard sharing her story with me

Oldest Olive Tree on Serge’s farm
Meet Marcel
Couldn’t believe Serge the farm owner told me to climb the tree. So I did as I was told
Such a friendly donkey Marcel was
Bet many Malaysians haven’t seen an olive tree up close eh 😉
A thrilling ride to old Miramas town, thanks to Stephane for being generous with his time and his handsome bike
Stephane takin us out for delicious French style Glace (Ice Cream)
One of the boys I hung out with throughout the trip – Jeff
Bastien and Ludo the gracious host from GP Sports











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