Cambridge Community Center

Our first stop during our UK Training Tour – Cambridge Community Center.  A pretty dope space used for just about everybody with a knack for movement based activity.  Rotated and shared amongst teachers of different expertise, this place was equipped for mixed martial arts, aerial arts, circus arts, dance and there’s even some pretty cool graff givin’ the place some local flava’.  Can you imagine? A space welcoming anybody regardless of race and religion? Teachers of different backgrounds sharing the space in peace? Everybody takes responsibility to keep the place neat and clean? *envy*

Shan and Samantha

This was Sam’s first trip to the UK though it didn’t take long before she got accustomed to what Britain offers in the super and mini marts – yogurt! Every yogurt we tried were SO GOOD! Hadn’t had that much yogurt on a trip ever!

V on Hoop

Toys for the inner child




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