Some backdated updates from my second trip to the UK.

This time around, it was with 3 of my favorite ladies!

We started our tour in Cambridge, spent some lovely time with V’s family there and got acquainted with the peaceful town.  Other than our training sessions, we took the time for nature walks and came across this playground.


Now I must proudly say my camera was probably the only electronic gadget we had there on us. No phones and iPads to distract us from the pure form of outdoor enjoyment…

Damn I do miss those times

My Play Time on the TRX Rip Trainer
Getting Shan to join me ripping
I like this height for set up
Sam getting the one arm TRX Chest Press
Vee also gets her TRX on
A little play modification
When in need of weaponary

3 responses to “UK Playtime with TRX”

  1. zikesugawara Avatar

    I also use TRX in my gym:)

    1. Emily Tan Avatar

      Great going there in PHP! 🙂 have you joined the TRX Philippines group on Facebook?

      1. zikesugawara Avatar

        nah, not yet, but I’ll definitely join the group!

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