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Pole Stars Malaysia Finalist Jian Hao demonstrating AcroPole

This was quite a challenging morning for me, having had stayed up a bit after ONE FC Destiny of Warriors with The Fight Nation the night before and making it to Dataran Merdeka by 6:30am.  Joining the rest of the early risers (for that morning) from Li TV, I was geared up and ready to lead some fun challenges and demonstration at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon.  Supported by Viva Vertical, we got a pole there for peeps to try their luck at winning some pretty generous prizes from Li TV! We had challenges using padwork, pole and sandbells as our tools, distracting runners who were eagerly waiting in line for their free foot massage offered at the booth.  Fun to say curiosity and ego boosting got the best of the guys, with 90% of our challengers being male during pole fitness challenges.

So Pull Ups on the pole ain’t really THAT easy eh?! 😉

Distracting people in line for their foot massage

Timothy Sangawa, the new face of Li TV was our MC for the morning, decked out in sports gear ready to lead by example for the challengers.  A crossfit and fitness enthusiast, needless to say it was pretty easy teaching someone who already have good body awareness and strength.

Timothy got hooked on wanting to try the hardest thing most pole dancers face when they first start poling
and he did it with brute strength and balance! Timothy does the handspring!
Diamond joined me to give a demo on some padwork before we demonstrated some MET Method inspired drills
The winners from the MET challenge!
Thank you Christy for this photo. My lovely team of pole demonstrators for the morning, supported by Viva Vertical.

It was definitely one of the most eventful mornings I’ve had in a while, being around so many people who took the time to be there so early in the morning just to get their run on.  True enough, there were plentiful happy vibes from the serotonin release in KL….and so can you!

BODY BLAZE previews were played throughout that morning and now you can watch it on Astro 706 in Malaysia (see listings here for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore) every Saturdays at 7::30am! Reruns are also on Sunday and Monday mornings I heard….

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*all photos courtesy of Li, Life Inspired TV


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