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So I’m finally caught up with the up and ups on the new FANTASTIC movie “Avengers”.

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Hence the inspiration of finding out how my favorite character in the movie trains…

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man Workout

The workout routine that helped this Hollywood star gain 25 pounds of pure muscle.

(by Mens Fitness Magazine)

It’s been four years since Robert Downey Jr. first suited up as Iron Man. In this summer’s The Avengers, Downey Jr. reprises the role alongside Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor).

Even for a veteran Hollywood superstar like Downey Jr., you’d think it’d be a little intimidating to perform opposite men that are younger, more athletic, and physically primed to take on the roles of super-soldier and Norse God. Think again. See how the other stars got jacked to play superheroes >>

“I’m not particularly tall, strong, fast, or aggressive,” Downey Jr. told us, “But I’m not faking it.”

Far from it.

Since 2003, he has trained using the Wing Chun technique made famous by Bruce Lee, a discipline that’s become a part of his daily routine—and his dedication to perfecting the art is evident in his performances.

He is also a beast in the gym (see Downey Jr.’s plan below) but knows his limits: “I’m not a kid,” he told us, “And I’m not a professional athlete.”

Getting in Iron Man shape, however, forced Downey Jr. back into the gym in conjunction with his Wing Chun training. “We cut way back on cardio and really increased the weight he was lifting,” says Brad Bose, Downey Jr.’s trainer. After months of hard work and consuming 5,000 calories a day, Downey Jr. had packed on 25 pounds of muscle and forged a physique truly worthy of Iron Man.


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