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I was quite lucky to run into the core team behind this PROJECT, at Capital FM last week on The Jam Break with DJ Liang.

Photo from Colinizing Photography Facebook Page

Spearheaded by Colin Shafer of Colinizing Photography, EVERYONE HAS HOPE is a photography-based project created by the students and staff of the Canadian Pre-University (CPU) course of Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Photo from Everyone Has Hope Facebook Page


Here’s a little more about the project:

“Everyone Has Hope” is the second installment of See The World Through Our Eyes; a fund raising and photographic initiative by a group of staff and students from Taylor’s University College under the Canadian Pre-University (CPU) course attempting to bring to light the realities faced by the Burmese refugees living in transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Started in August 2010, this is essentially a project that intends to expose what these refugees see every day through their photography. As part of the project, the youths (mostly ages thirteen – sixteen) will be taught the art of photography. This will be done through the help of local professional photographers and artists who will be coming to run workshops with the students.

These youths are inherently inquisitive and creative, and we want to promote these qualities.

We will be choosing pictures that stand as rare, revealing and sobering representations of life as a refugee child in Malaysia. We are not only looking for pictures that expound despair, but those that also illustrate the victory of humanity over harsh times; all in all, a novel and exciting exhibition.

Photo from Everyone Has Hope Facebook Page
To allow these youths to have a voice through photography, build invaluable skills, and raise money for organizations that are helping refugees here in Malaysia. Incited with concern from this increased awareness, only the citizens of Malaysia can collectively pressure parties in power to implement more humane and coherent policies in dealing with refugees.

So if you’re in Kuala Lumpur between 14 – 27 April, check ’em out, be a help 😉


Here’s Colin

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