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An entire week in Hong Kong filled with Pole workshops, Pole training, back bridge walkover attempts, TRX Rip Trainer class, TRX circuit class, Bulgarian Bag training and teaching 2 pole classes the same night touching down KL from Hong Kong -> BODY WAS ANGRY TIRED!  Sitting through AirAsia’s uncomfortable seats for almost 4 hours wasn’t quite the ideal rest either (-__-”)

When I got booked in for a spa session at Tanamera Spa today, you can ONLY IMAGINE the happy dance I was doing in my head! 😀 (…the body was too tired to do any physical happy dance…)

So there I was, on the 3rd floor of Sooka Sentral (KL Sentral), ready to be horizontal and rubbed to recovery…

Tanamera Spa at Sooka Sentral KL

#didyouknow From injury prevention to warm up to cool down, massage therapy can benefit every part of an athlete’s training program… Read More Here

The experience of walking into a spa is always the crucial part, the aroma and ambiance that hits your gut will tell you if you’re going to be in good hands.  For me, it hit right on the sweet spot…and let me tell ya, I’m quite the picky person when it comes to spas. Even if it’s only 10 bucks for a whole package that these group buying sites sometimes offer, my time and soul is worth too much to spend there.

ANYHOO, everything that I like was there…

the balinese inspired decor…

the warm lighting…

the cinnamon-y aroma that doesn’t drown your nostrils (like heavy oils)

smiling receptionist and therapists….

a WHOLE generous pot of ginger tea…

lots of magazines…

PLANTS! everywhere…..

the sounds of water flapping about on the fountain…ok well ALMOST everything… their music selection of beach waves made up for it though 😉

Then comes one of my favorite parts….the oil selection (ok fine, it’s a little weird but it makes me happy #dontjudgeme )

You pick the type of oil that you would like to be treated with, depending on which areas you think you need most.  I based my treatment on the fact that Hong Kong gave me some pretty dry skin, with the wind and the pollution.  My choice – COCONUT OIL. You get to pick what type of scrub too if you get one of them packages with the scrub treatment included, mine was the Mentari package.  My choice for scrub….yuuuuup…COCONUT, which is the same for the body mask too.

Photo by Tanamera Spa

After selections were made, I was led to the treatment room and JOY I see BATHTUB! ..( yeah I have a thing for bathtubs too, they’re quite rare in Malaysia! )Now of course if you ain’t a tubby peep, there’s a private shower right in your room.  My therapist showed me where I can lock my belongings before proceeding to change into the bathrobe they provide, there are even hair clips and combs for you – nice detail 🙂

Again, I’m quite the picky person when it comes to massage therapists.  I’ve had my share of massages and blame the rough-crank-your-spine type of therapists for those phobic shuds of terror.  Then again, I go with my gut a lot…this would be the third time it told me that I was in good hands and didn’t have to warn the therapist to stay away from my lower back and cracking anything.

At the start of the 60 minutes rub down, my thought – SCORE! It was AMAZING! The type of massage selected was the Holistic Massage, it has been known and used for thousands of years as one of the most beneficial ways of keeping the body free from stress and illness. The aim is to rebalance the body so it achieves homeostasis or balance.

 Following the massage, my therapist gently went to work with the coconut scrub and masking the body right after.  Upon showering it off, the wave of zen-like calmness is almost indescribable. I stepped out feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to head off for my next training for the day – Aerial Rope at Viva Vertical & Muay Thai at MuayFit!

It’s recovery treatment like these that keep me moving and looking forward to earn my treats – MANY THANKS Tanamera Spa!

HEADS UP: They have an event this Sunday (25 March 2012) ! Eco-Friendly advocates, you would like what they’re doing with ECOknights too 😉 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE

As recommended by MSN Lifestyle Malaysia:

Kick back, relax, pamper yourself while learning a thing or two about environmental issues this coming Sunday, March 25. Head over to Central Market, Kuala Lumpur from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and enjoy the following offers:

-Free product samples
-A one-day only 40% discount on all Tanamera products
-Express spa treats including hand and head & shoulder rubs
-Fun activities for the kids such as sand art and face painting
-Nature-spa workshops featuring Kitchen Cosmetics
-Win Tanamera goodies by bringing your old clothes to the EcoKnights booth for recycling

Dato’ Sheila Majid will also be making a special appearance during the event, so if you’re a fan of this iconic singer, mark the date in your calendar!

For further information you can check out their website;
As well as their Facebook:



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