Guess Where I Was

For almost a week I was pretty much off the radar, busy with a very exciting project and will share with everyone once I get clearance to 😉

In the mean time, here are some awesome photos I managed to snap the first few days and more by my teammates while I was busy being burnt under the sun 😛

Day One first location. Instagram by emilytanEMP

Day One second location, literally a few minutes of photo playtime. Instagram by emilytanEMP
The look of 3am wake up call. Instagram by emilytanEMP
Day Two first location - Instagram photo by atamt26
Day Two second location - Instagram photo by atamt26
Fellow teammates already on Day 3 location without me. Instagram - kyo_ikuyo
Day 3 beautiful rocky location. Instagram - kyo_ikuyo
The growing blackness of the skin
Absolutely stunning way to spend Day 4. Instagram - kyo_ikuyo
Being cheeky with the temporary pigtails - Instagram emilytanEMP
Day 5 greenary and first hand sniff of mother natures pets. Instagram - kyo_ikuyo
Fun stuff coming soon. Stay Tuned! Instagram - atamt26

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