Pole Talk on NTV 7 “Bella”

This morning, we were invited on “Bella” to talk about why is it difficult for some people to stick to exercise regimes and what are some ways we can keep our workouts fun and interesting.  I was more than happy to talk about one of my passions with Viva Vertical 😀

Adam Tan came on set with me to talk about his view as a pole athlete in a female-dominated competitive sport (Irony is…pole in China & India used to be only for men!…hmmm I guess the men are reclaiming the pole now 😛 ).

We also talked about how we transitioned ourselves from our normal exercise routines into using pole as a tool to take our fitness level to it’s peak, using bodyweight training VS gravity as resistance.

Today’s host Lisa Wong had a bright personality, being a fitness enthusiast herself, I could feel her curiosity mixed excitement about Pole. REALLY…so far the people that I’ve met who exercise have such positive energy!

Adam and I did a short demo on set with each of us leading a solo, finishing off with a couple of doubles combos.

Too bad we didn’t get a chance to show Lisa a few techniques and have her try them out.  Peeps who exercise are generally always more intrigued about other training methods. Well there’s always a next time!

With Adam Tan & Lisa Wong

Thank you NTV 7 Bella team for having us and letting us share our fitness passion with everyone !

Will work on getting the video for you guys 😉

Check back here or FACEBOOK PAGE for it!

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