December had seemed to be a heavy dance month, taking workshops and meeting inspiring instructors from Singapore and America.  I’m SOOOOOOOO very grateful to have dance buddies to go to these things with so I wouldn’t feel so much like the awkward duckling, so Thank You Adam,Shan and Zane!


Photo by Danz People
Contemporary by Jillian Meyers

Jazz Funk by Beau Fournier

Shaun Evaristo Experience: Selection Class
Shaun Evaristo and Pat Cruz of Movement Lifestyle
Hip Hop by Amsyar of Styles From Beyond (Singapore)
Dancing with Zaihar of Styles From Beyond
Jazz by Suhaili Michelin (ASWARA)
Hip Hop by Kayte Willis of Blaqenze (Singapore)
Hip Hop by Rie Hata

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself”

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