Hump Day Quickie Tip


Telling me I need to pop my calcium supplement pills everyday pretty much means you will sound like your nagging mother.  Something about pills…that I absolutely dislike swallowing ( -___-”)

Now every girl needs her calcium so I have to find some way to get it in and what better way than getting it from actual food source! 🙂

YUP – I’m talking about the mighty yogurt! Just plain unflavored (read:no added sugar) fat-free or low fat greek yogurt.

This can be found at most Cold Storage, Carrefour and Village Grocer outlets in KL

Not a fan on having it plain?


So imagine my Happy Dance when I discovered this concoction of Fat-free yogurt, flavored protein powder and peanut butter!


The casein protein powder and peanut butter thickens up the yogurt a bit so the texture becomes a little more like soften pudding.  Stick that mixture in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and you have yourself a little chilled dessert!

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