Weight Loss Secret

Weight Loss Secret? It starts with self-image

Another great article written by Marcel Daane, creator of MET (Movement Efficiency Training) Method

“Just the other day, I was in a business meeting. Even though this meeting was not supposed to be related to fitness or health, I noticed that the small talk going around the table before and after the meeting was either about a new diet, a new exercise regimen, or about someone who was diagnosed with some form of disease. It doesn’t matter where you are, but the topic of health and fitness seems to be the prevalent topic wherever we are.


It seems, the world is struggling to stay, or get, into shape. How to get in shape shouldn’t be a mystery though. Just do a google search and you will be bombarded with thousands of tips and methods how to get in shape. Gym memberships are still growing consistently showing that the Fitness Industry is still one of the fastest growing industries in the world.


With so many people exercising regularly and with free information on the net, why is our population still struggling with their weight and health?


Thanks to latest technological developments in imaging techniques, some very interesting research in the field of Neuroscience is now showing that our thoughts, either conscious or subconscious, have direct physiological effects that change the status of hormones and neural function, which causes a cascade of physical changes, from metabolic changes to even changes in genetic expression. Yes, that’s right. Your thoughts actually change your genes!


Your thoughts, therefore, cause significant changes in your body. Think about the dialogue that goes on in your head throughout the day. Are these thoughts constructive to helping you become better and stronger, or are they primarily destructive? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what is the dialogue that goes on under the hood? What do you see? Do you see an athlete, or someone who is fat and out of shape?

When looking at the latest neuroscience research, we can now scientifically prove that we are a product of our thoughts, our self image, and our beliefs.


Those of us who truly believe and see themselves as healthy, fit, and as athletes, tend to treat themselves with the respect of an athlete. With that self-image, their bodies respond to these thoughts by preparing the hormones and neural circuitry to be ready for high physical activity and set forth a series of reactions that already make the body fitter to prepare it for the expected high physical activity. For a person with this mindset, choosing to eat healthier foods, to exercise, and resist unhealthy behaviors becomes easier, which in turn results in less effort to exercise and higher motivation to eat healthy. These behaviors then result in favorable physical changes.


The issue here is. If you want to start a weightloss program, make sure you change your self damaging internal dialogue and thoughts. Change the way you see yourself. Change your self image and you will change your body.”

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