Viva Vertical at Groove Dance School Singapore’s “A Fairytale Christmas”

Viva Vertical Junior Aerialists Samantha and Angel. Photo by Shan Liew

ROAD TRIP! Since we made the boys Adam and Zane take the bus, the rest of the girls decided to drive down to Singapore this time around.  This trip was in support of Groove Dance School’s Groovy Event themed “A Fairytale’s Christmas”, whom are Viva Vertical’s education partners in Singapore.  So if you are looking for IPDFA | VIVA VERTICAL Pole Fitness Instructor certified training, you can be sure to find them at Groove Dance School.

I only took videos of both pole and aerial performances by our team, so got some screen shots out of those below.  Thanks to Shan’s awesome iPhone4, she got a nice view and photos from a different angle above.

All the other photos below were taken on Nikon D5100, and some of them shot by professional photographer Alecia Neo from Singapore.  The event was held at St James Powerhouse near Vivocity Mall and it was so great to see so many supporters in the audience! Great job Groove!


Aerialists Angel and Samantha goofing off with Pole Athlete Adam
IPC Pole Art Champion 2010
Malaysia Pole Champion 2011
Dancer and Choreographer
Caught up with Irene, who was Miko (Viva Vertical PoleLeader)'s partner during Singapore's reality TV show OMG (One Moment of Glory)
Groove Dance School students under Viva Vertical Aerial Arts Instructors guidance
Fun and naughty showcase by the instructors
Appearance by Charles, another finalist from OMG Show
Championship title holder from Malaysia performing Belly Dance
Viva Vertical certified Aerial Arts Instructors did a fantastic job in this group showcase with Groove Dance School's instructors and performers!

with Angel, Samantha, Shan and Dotty from Manila! (Another participant of Viva Vertical Pole Fitness Instructor program)
Alicia from Groove Singapore, Certified under IPDFA | Viva Vertical Pole Fitness Instrutor Program
With one of my first batch of Aerial Arts students in Singapore, Sandy
With Dotty, former gymnast and now a Pole Instructor at Movement Dance Studio Philippines
Viva Vertical Malaysia's Operations Manager and STAGE Director Nana with Angel and Samantha


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