All Ladies Christmas Party

One of those rare times where we “demanded” all workshop participants come dressed in holiday themed costumes – and you know what, it really made the atmosphere more merry and cheery! *note to self, don’t hold back from buying more costumes*

We had two levels of Pole & Chair Dance workshop on 17 December at Viva Vertical STAGE, beginner and intermediate.  Keeping in theme with the festive season, we made sure to use different styles of Christmas music, ranging from Lady Gaga’s “Christmas Tree” to Beckah Shae’s “Merry Christmas Baby”

It’s my one little tradition to bake every Christmas, whether it be Red Velvet Cake or chocolate cup cakes or cookies.  This year I decided to opt for the cutest baking trend – cake pops.  Considering it’s my first time attempting those cake pops, I was pretty pleased with the results.  Many thanks to Mama Min Baking Studio for letting me use her facility!  I’ve been going to her for designer cakes since 2007, birthdays and events, she does it all! She also got some x-rated sexy cakes for the playful peeps, check ’em out!

This year’s Christmas had definitely been more fun, I definitely felt like I kinda made up for last year’s depressing environment leading up to Christmas, with this year’s early celebration start. YYIIPPPEEEE!

Nana, Miko and Me
Intermediate & Beginner Workshop Students together
Pole Photo Opps students get at each of these workshop parties
Intermediate girls with Miko
Beginner Workshop Students with Nana
The morning students with Miko
Intermediate Workshop students keeping me high
Intermediate Pole Buddies
My sexy pole toughies from Desa Sri Hartamas branch joined me for the party

Had loads of fun laughing and giggling with the girls, and so proud of them for toughing out 3 hours of Pole!!!

Thank you for making Christmas merry and cheery this year ladies!!!

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