Why Exercise?

It may sound contradicting but Exercise does not ALWAYS have to be about getting those six pack abs and buns of steel.  Majority do not realize that the “other people” ( whom they usually refer to as “fitness buffs”, “fitness freaks”, “fitness people”)  all ENJOY the release they get from exercising.

ENJOYing exercise? Some may think “Now why the heck would I wanna spend time, money and effort to suffer the soreness and the bruises (from certain activities)?”.  Well, then what are we saving our money for – the medical treatments for our bodies later that lack proper nutrition and exercise NOW?

Hearing people make comments about “giving up” and having the mentality of “What’s the point” when topics of exercise and nutrition arise, can be depressing yet – slapping you with the reality of just how unmotivated a lot of people are.  WHY?

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure – Bill Cosby

Are we afraid of not having the will power? The will power to MAKE time, MAKE the better food choices, MAKE it out of bed the day after a workout?

What if we NEED to?


Remember how great you felt when you WERE in your more active days
Imagine your life more positive with a better functioning body and brain
Have you braced yourself on how much worse your next illness(or injuries) could be with the daily weakening of the body….

…all the small things on time and food does not seem so drastic in life changing now does it?


As part of my GIVE Goal for 2012, I hope to inspire people to move

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