It’s a Viva Christmas Affair

Christmas Themed Pole Dance Routines


There’s something about Christmas that I love

– the decor, the tree, the tree dressings, the cookies, the cakes, the ribbons…

Despite having warm Christmas weather these years, there’s a different warmth I feel in my heart, the type of warmth filled with the wonderful loving memories that I can only cherish because they would never come alive again.

I love to share, and I hope this year I am able to spread my enthusiasm and season joy to the people around me, and share the warmth…

…in this case, it will be a HOT A$$ one! Adding some spice to this year’s Christmas workshop, I had ordered a santarina outfit to teach in and everyone who’s coming to the Viva Xmas Pole Dance workshop will be IN COSTUME!

Perhaps what I’m more excited about is to be able to bake goodies for everyone! 🙂

If you can’t make it on 17th December for the pole dance classes and workshops, hope you can perhaps join us on a pole-field-trip to Singapore where ADAM, ANGEL and SAMANTHA will be performing!


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