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“Four walls, a roof, and an entrance; that was all I was looking for when I started THUMP.

“The rest will fall into place” I would say to myself.

I knew the people would come even without the theories and statistics that were against my thinking. This was my dream and I believed in it. I guess the biggest mistake I made was thinking that THUMP belonged between four walls and a roof. How wrong I was!

As with everything in life, things that are meant to be will just evolve. This is no ordinary gym where people come to get fit. This is the formation of a team where people come to belong; belong to something that has been the inspiration of many great friendships, bonds and love affairs.

THUMP was born out of a simple belief that nothing fancy is needed to train and keep fit. Just a little imagination, creativity and team work can conquer the greatest enemy we will ever face in life – an unhealthy body and an unhealthy mind.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, THUMP became more than just a gym you went to. It became a place you take away with you; a way of living through dignity, courage, determination and the immense power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity.

This was THUMP, a figment of my imagination created to give hope to those who found life a struggle at times and to those who needed a sense of belonging. Most of all, it existed to make people realise that there is a fighter in us all.

Five years on and I have met amazing characters, made great friendships, and learnt the most valuable lessons in life.

I learnt nothing from my teachers but everything from my students – and what they didn’t teach me, I learnt the hard way.

Christian Marchegiani


I had the honor of opportunity to attend a THUMP Boxing Instructor Course during my trip in Taipei again this year (for the second time).  Many thanks to Pitt Tseng for doing a great job in creating awareness and updating for THUMP Boxing Taiwan!

This time around, Level 1 through 3 were held at Action Life Fitness Center in Neihu District.

Utilizing space underneath a Suspension Training Zone

My partner throughout Day 1 & 2 of the course. Meet Dolphin from Action Life Fitness Center!
Pitt Tseng – THUMP BOXING Taiwan Presenter & Leader of Let's Move
Sean Mclean – THUMP Boxing Presenter and Leader of Boxing Just 4 Fitness
Level 1 & 2 Graduates of THUMP Boxing!

Didn’t really get a chance to take action shots but there are TONS of videos on THUMP Boxing Taiwan’s Facebook page, thanks to  Pitt and Mike.  Here’s one of the final drills we did as a group:

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