With a line up like this, it’s hard to be lazy in bed and miss this!

Just to highlight a few…


Catch their sketch comedy and workshop on Sunday!


Catch their showcases in Kickboxing, Capoeira and ACT 3 on all three days!

The Actors Studio – KLPAC

Come see what goes down on Saturday at 3pm!

吉隆坡漢風舞蹈團 Han Fong Dance Club

Chinese Cultural Dance, Han Fong previews their production “A Poetic Rhapsody” (coming up in November!)

Circus Arts – Psycusix

Workshops and showcases on Contact Juggling, Flow Wand and other exciting arts!

You can still get tickets from VIVA VERTICAL !

*Hope you get it in time before promotion deal is off tonight after midnight!*

info@vivavertical.com | +6 016 209 6997


Check out Hannah Tan’s shout out video:

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