Feel Good,Look Good

Although seeing pictures of flawless Victoria’s Secret models might not make you ‘love your body,’ that’s precisely the theme the lingerie brand is running with for its new line of bras.

To celebrate the best-selling Body by Victoria bra line, VS is adding three new styles with a mini-collection dubbed ‘Love My Body, Body by Victoria’s Secret.’

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My Top 3 Feel Good Workouts

1) Pole Fitness *there’s something greatly empowering when achieving acrobatic stunts, knowing it was all you that put in that effort (and bruise tolerance) to defy gravity and making flexibility look sexy. Through teaching pole, I’ve seen countless of women transform themselves from timids caterpillars to beautiful butterflies! (Men just love the attention ;P )

2) Aerial Fitness *being completely suspended off the ground can be  a huge obstacle to start with, though a great start to build resilience and discipline. Meeting other aerial arts enthusiasts makes me realize just how much we impact our students lives as this is probably the closest to a “Dream Come True” they may experience!

3) Muay Thai Boxing *Having a coach being patient while you as a beginner clumsily fling your arms around is crucial. Once you have the basic technique down, all you have to do is respond to your cues to movement and NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE, like if you’ve taken the thrash out at home or left the dishes out. For me, this is my outlet for release

There’s no better time to start taking care of your well being other than NOW!

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