TRX Group Suspension Training Course

Have a fascination on those black and yellow straps and why the world is going bananas over them?

Come find out yourself on why thousands of people of all fitness levels now train on the TRX®– from professional athletes who need peak performance to everyday people who just want to feel and look their best!

Organized by Malaysia’s authorized education distributor, the next course is scheduled on 18 September 2011 to be held at Chi Fitness BSC.


In this course you’ll learn how to teach TRX® Suspension Training® in a small, large, or boot camp–style group format. Importantly, this course will help you create fun and innovative classes adaptable to all fitness levels. You’ll not only learn TRX Suspension Training fundamentals, but how to incorporate a range of TRX strength and flexibility exercises into a group training format.

You will be able to:

  • Teach 2 different TRX group class formats
  • Design group TRX workouts to fit your own style
  • Cue techniques for group class settings
  • Properly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer™

Published by Emily Lola Tan

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