M.E.T. Hits Kuala Lumpur!

Supported by the Master Trainer team Malaysia, fitness enthusiasts and professionals got their first taste of Movement Efficiency Training method in Kuala Lumpur.  Many thanks to Twin Towers Fitness Center for the wonderful space and United Lifestyle for supplying Sandbells and GymInAPocket bands!

MET Method hones in on teaching you to use any equipment around you, we saw these bodypump bars and thought, hey why not!

The basketball goal posts did not escape from our innovative minds and hooked up our pulling tool

Creator of MET, Marcel Daane flew in late Friday and invested half of his Saturday to feed some eager-learning participants

The Saturday morning awakening

“M.E.T can help schools implement a method that is designed to help kids build the fundamental strength and coordination they need to fully enjoy the one thing they need most in life. Movement!” – www.metmethod.com

“Teaching the body how to move efficiently and effectively using a cutting edge, neuroscience inspired system, of systematically layering movement patterns to optimally engage the brain and body.” – www.metmethod.com

Thanks for joining us at the MET Introduction Workshop and we look forward to see you guys at the Full Day AFAA-ACE accredited course on 6 November, 2011!


Developing effective movement pattern progressions and regressions depends greatly on the readiness of the nervous system. This One-Day
ACE-Accredited Course will teach you how to effectively and systematically layer movement progressions to stimulate movement ability in your clients, so they can learn to move more efficiently, thus gain more confidence to move.

This system can be applied with any type of movement based equipment typically available at any gym.

DATE: 6 November 2011

FEE: 300 USD (Early Bird special at 250 USD)

EMAIL CONTACT: METmethod.malaysia@gmail.com

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/METmethod

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