Sandbells? Easy Peasy…


….some may say from just LOOKING at them.

Those round stuff on the floor are sandbells. The weighted vests are Hyperwear


but WAIT til you MOVE with them!

Marcel Daane of had first launched MET in Singapore last year, followed by USA early this year, introducing Sandbells and Hyperwear vests.

Developing effective movement pattern progressions and regressions depends greatly on the readiness of the nervous system.”

Locomotion Drills
Sandbells Action
Sandbells are awesome for throwing too...especially if you suck at catching like me

 “Teaching the body how to move efficiently and effectively using a cutting edge, neuroscience inspired system, of systematically layering movement patterns to optimally engage the brain and body.” –

The one arm pushup...YEEAAHH!
One of the moves that women do to put men to shame...HAHAHAHA
Pistol squats. You can start out training with TRX Suspension Trainers too

“This One-Day, ACE-Accredited Course will teach you how to effectively and systematically layer movement progressions to stimulate movement ability in your clients, so they can learn to move more efficiently, thus gain more confidence to move.” –

Next scheduled Movement Efficiency Training Course (M.E.T. Course) will be on

July 31st, 2011 (Sunday) at SPEED Institute in Singapore.

Check out their calender of courses HERE too, including ViPR, TRX & Kettlebell courses.

All photos are taken from Marcel-Fit Education & Training System Facebook Page.

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