A Pick-Me-Up

I guess the average activities used as a Pick-Me-Up when you’re feeling pretty shitty, are shopping, clubbing, jogging or even just a bath. That day after another long bus ride from KL to Singapore, I chose to attend a hip hop class at O School to get my spirit up.


Hip Hop community in Singapore is so much more supportive than the hip hop community that I’ve seen in KL, probably one of the reasons why their skill level in Singapore is more advanced. As much as I struggled to keep up with the rest of the class with a heavy head, I still had tons of fun! Instructor for class that day was Xiao Hei.  Why are these tiny girls so AWESOME in hip hop!? She got the swag and everythan’! 😀

BUT WAIT! We have HOPE! KL sure issteppin up its game, especially with tireless dance enthusiasts like Dennis Yin and Adam Tan.  Their loyal following of the incredible dance movement in California contributes to their evolving dance skills.

Here’s a vid of their last workshop together with Brian Puspos & Jun Quemado from USA

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