Competing – A Priceless Journey

Every year I meet more pole students who can’t wait to perform and/or compete.

It may be hard to believe but the reality is, MANY of us have this thriving curiosity on what it’s like to be up there on stage.

Unfortunately not many get to satisfy that curiosity…could be a number of reasons like employment clauses with their high ranking companies, doubting their conservative families support , selfish companions who are too egotistical about their own reputation rather than their companion’s journey of achievements, OR just not having enough encouragement to do so.

Let’s get down to this : if you were in any way concerned about what others may think of you when they know you’re taking pole classes, worrying about what others think of you about participating in a competition doesn’t make much sense now, does it? (-___-”)

So what could be the biggest factor?

“I’m not good enough” ? – If we live by this attitude, I doubt we’ll get far in our journey of life. So let’s not consider that…

I personally feel it’s SUPPORT.

The mental support you get from your fellow competitors; they are the only ones in your proximity who truly understand the roller coaster waves of thoughts and emotions you are going through.  Words of encouragement to each other means a lot more than that Gucci handbag.

The mental support you get from your instructors and from your pole mates; understanding that no matter how you do, they are still proud of you for being courageous and taking this step forward. I realize that the team of instructors we have are natural nurturers, they want nothing than to see their students succeed.

The mental support you get from your best buddies and companion; the people you rant to and the people you count on are also the people you see most often out of pole classes and pole practice

The mental support you get from your family; knowing no matter what, these people who grew up with you have got your back

“Ask and you shall receive”



Published by Emily Lola Tan

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