Pole Dance JAM in Gyms

One thing I had missed while being out of KL so long, was teaching Pole Jam classes at fitness centers.

There’s something about being in a large fitness center with its pumping music, lights reflecting from mirrors everywhere, gym goers all pumped up around you working off their Nasi Lemak with determination, group fitness class participants are probably the only ones I see smiling and laughing WHILE they’re working out in the entire gym…or perhaps gyms are more like second homes to me since I was playing around in them at 10 years old and started a career in fitness later.

It’s been a great journey so far, spreading the love in fitness centers like Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First, Level Up Fitness, California Fitness, Pure Fitness and California Fitness & Yoga.  The fitness baby of Asia is steadily growing and I’m darn happy to be part of it. Hungry for more!


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Combine people benefiting from the physical and mental effects from exercise and the nature in enjoying fun – we have awesomely fun Pole Jam classes 🙂

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