TRX Action in Singapore

Held at SPEED Institute, the first public TRX-GSTC was launched on 27 February, 2011!

It was an insanely GREAT experience!

Thanks to J,Linzi, Marcel & Ursula’s positive encouragements, I pushed past my shitty situation and refueled the required energy (drained by Vampires for weeks!) to do my best in making it a FUN TRX DAY!


So cool to see fellow TRX enthusiasts from Malaysia too!


I LOVE Wai Hoong’s(far left) T-shirt! Spot it? Spot it? 😀

Christine (green top) looks like she’s in fantastic shape since the last time I saw her! Such a trooper too! Must have been agonizing having to sit out on the TRX group workouts because of food poisoning 🙁

G (far right) from Penang! TRX love had finally spread up north Malaysian peninsular 😀


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Ninja-ed this photo from G (Penang)

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